Making the


To raise awareness and spark dialog about data security and digital agency 


Now until 5 November ‘23 
CODE Reclaiming Digital Agency
IMPAKT x Het Huis
Utrecht - The Netherlands

UPCOMING: 8 November - 7 Januari ‘24
CODE Reclaiming Digital Agency
IMPAKT Utrecht - The Netherlands


PublicSpaces Conference
June 2023 - Amsterdam

Any Way the Wind Blows
May 2022 - Berlin

CPDP, Computers, Privacy & Data Protection
2022- Brussels
Bits of Freedom x IMPAKT, June 2022 - Utrecht

CODE 2022 Hackathon  
July 2022 - Online
Manifestations Dutch Design Week
oktober 2021 - Eindoven 

CODE Website, Online (2021)
Impakt Festival 2021 ‘Modern Love”,
November 2021 - Utrecht
Ars Electronica 2021, Festival for Art, Technology & Society,

Making the

Invisible  Visible 

How are our lives shaped
by hidden forces
designed to make us think
we’re in control.

Designed to get stuck.

Designed to face
unfortunate results
for individual
and collective agency.


We are InVisible
We bring the reality of our digital footprint to the physical dimension. 

We hover between what is tolerable and acceptable, and what ought to be undesirable and to be avoided.

We create an evocative, playful and confronting intervention to:
  • raise awareness about data security and digital agengy;
  • question and challenge what is shareable and what is private;
  • demystify the abstraction of our online presence by relating it to everyday encounters. 
We are making the invisible Visible.


In this intervention, unsuspecting participants are enticed by the promise of a free product to be “quantified entities”.

We follow and track their movement through space; approach and disturb them with invasive questions; we then engage and disclose information that we collected on them.

Through a series of exchanges, interactions and confrontations, this intervention emulates the online tracking ecosystem most people encounter on a daily basis. Sometimes known, but often unknown, they reveal personal data through cookies, unique identifiers, analytics, advertising platforms; measuring, quantifying, qualifying their every move online.  They are visible and vulnerable. Online trackers and profilers remain Invisible and untouchable.